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Dog Habits Problems - How To Repair Them
If you`ve heard of dog obedience, then you may be wondering why it is so important for both you and your dog. Dog obedience training helps prevent and cure any bad behaviors your dog may pick up through it`s life. It also brings you and your dog close together and creates a wonderful bond between you both. It makes sure your dog behaves around strangers, other dogs, other pets, and follows all of your house rules... even when you aren`t home!

Training dogs is a fun activity and you need to ensure that the dog enjoys the time during the training. You need to make sure that your bonding with the dog does not hamper during the training. You need not be rash and avoid shouting on the dog, if he is not able to perform certain task.

2)Check if the atmosphere is relaxed and quiet. If you hear a lot of dogs barking, that means the environment of the dog obedience classes are stressful.

No Biting or Barking - Two most basic problems that you can face from a dog are biting and barking. Using different levels of training, these problems can be dealt very efficiently. Obedience training ensures that dog acts within the line. Biting habit can be dealt when reactive dogs are at younger age.

If your dog don`t have the appetite to eat, sleeps too much, have no interest in playing or showing aggressive behavior, this does not mean that he`s depressed. There are many other reasons why your pet is displaying such behaviors.

When you have visitors over, you can train your dog by asking your guests not give any attention to your why does my dog bark at other dogs until he is quiet. Once your dog is quiet, they can reward him with attention. Training your dog proper social skills will greatly reduce unwanted barking.

Which all means that we have a big communication gap to overcome when we want to get into some dog obedience training. And it`s going to be a 2-way thing. You are trying to train your dog to do what you want. Your dog, believe it on not is also trying to train you to do what he wants. And that training is going on all the time - not just the odd few minutes when you have time for some dog obedience training.

It is true that some dogs are harder to train than others but there is no dog that cannot be trained. The main secret to dog obedience training is patience. The process can take months but remember the rewards both you and your dog will reap afterward.

And then of course there are what the professionals call `reactive barkers.` These dogs will bark at anything and everything. If the doorbell rings, it barks. If you sit down on a chair, it barks. If you take a hat off, it barks. This means your dog might actually have a problem that only a veterinarian can diagnose and solve.
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